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Don't Expect Me To Forgive Mel Gibson
Everybody who are still at least somebody in Hollywood will get together this Sunday night at the Dolby Theatre to pat themselves on the back and hand each other golden...

It's Time 'Doctor Who' Casts A Woman
Michael Hinman tackles a topic that shouldn't even be controversial at all in 2017.

Remembering Jerry Doyle
Dennis Rayburn remembers an actor who fans loved, and who loved the fans

I Wish I Could've Reviewed 'Beyond' ...
For what he could pay attention to, Michael Hinman did like it

Finally ... 'Beyond' Rights The Ship
TrekZone's Matthew Miller reviews latest Star Trek movie

'Fifty-Year Mission' Explores Trek Many People Missed
First volume of Star Trek's oral history from Mark A. Altman, Edward Gross a fascinating read

Sorry, George, But You're Wrong
If Sulu is straight, then Gene Roddenberry forgot to tell the rest of us

Fan-Film Guidelines: This Is What Compromise Looks Like
A few think they are harsh, but really, it could've been worse

Come Not Between Draconians
Jody Wheeler compares Star Trek fan-film rules to Star Wars


Heroes Reborn: Brave New World, Odessa
This review contains spoilers. When author V.C. Andrews passed away in 1986, her publisher didn't want to give up serving fans who loved her novels like "Flowers in the Attic."...

Minority Report: Pilot
Not exactly sure what Fox aired Monday night

Doctor Who: The Magician's Apprentice
Are we seeing a return of 'Doctor Who' of old?

'The Walking Dead' - Coda
AMC's zombie series continues to tread water

'The Walking Dead' - Strangers
One step forward, two steps back

'The Walking Dead' - No Sanctuary
Producers bring zombie fun, grit to season premiere

'Sleepy Hollow' - The Kindred
Let's make a monster of our very own!

'The Strain' - Episodes 10-12
'Loved Ones,' 'The Third Rail,' 'Last Rites' keep building excitement, tension

'Sleepy Hollow' - This Is War
Back with a bang!

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'Kong' Crowned King Of Weekend Box Office
Moviegoers flocked to see the latest Warner Bros. mega-monster re-invention: Kong: Skull Island. But the excitement wasn't the same as previous installments. Kong - which starred Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson and John Goodman - earned $61...

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